DotSlash 7.0 is a 30-hour, in-person hackathon hosted at SVNIT's beautiful campus. It's organized entirely by SVNIT students and provides a unique opportunity for developers worldwide to come together and use their skills to create useful innovations for society.

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Hackathon: "Ideas take root, and innovation blooms."

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Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat is a leading technical Institute not only at national level but also at International level for imparting training to students as per the needs of technology. It is also envisaged to provide the necessary infrastructure to take up research work and to provide the mechanism to interact with industries effectively.


ASHINE is a Technology Business Incubator located at the centre of Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat spread across 250 acres of lush-green campus having all the modern educational and recreational facilities for students. With an infrastructure that can support 30+ tech and non-tech startups and 200 startup enthusiasts from across the nation.

ACM, NIT Surat

ACM NIT Surat is a student chapter highly focused on planning and organizing events for coding, development, design etc. Founded in 2005, the chapter has been a centre for various learning, fun, and productive activities. Be it coding challenges, hackathons, quizzes, or application development, the activities of the chapter are widely acknowledged in the institute and keenly looked for.


Bringing 2022's Best to the Forefront

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We would like to thank our alumni for their humongous contribution to this event. Right from guiding us on how to conduct DotSlash, to agreeing to be the mentors and sponsors on board for this Hackathon, they have taken out the time for us and given us immense support and encouragement. We appreciate all your help and efforts, Dotslash 7.0 couldn't have been possible without you.


Frequently Asked Questions


Automation and Tools Track

Automating the tasks, like testing the prototypes be it hardware, or software. It could be the automation of Home appliances and security devices. Industries like health, and automobiles, could benefit from automated software or IoT devices in cases of emergencies or critical cases. Program testing on GitHub Actions Workflow is one of the coolest examples of writing tests for a project. Generative AI is used a lot these days to automate many workflows within organisations and personal usage to enhance productivity for redundant tasks. Businesses use blockchain technologies to make their supply chain more efficient.

Forecasting and Prediction Track

Have you heard of youtube using some recommendation algorithms? Yes this is forecasting and predicting the customer behaviour. Predicting the future events is done in many industries from finance to health, and private sector to public sector. Predicting a trend in the past events, offering prediction of future events so that the unseen circumstances could be withstand with proper preparation. Some of the good example circumstances could involve statistical predictions of any kind of factors such as crime rate, rainfall, health risks - basically to predict future risks. On the other hand, industries use prediction to make important decisions for the future like predicting the future of a commodity for investment or analysing the future scope of a technology/product/service based on the customer behaviour and interaction.The ultimate goal is to create innovative, dependable and precise software to improve decision-making processes by providing valuable insights into future scenarios.

E-commerce and Fin-tech Track

Advances in technology have completely transformed how retail experiences function by integrating AI pattern systems, smart baskets, digital assistants, virtual reality tools, predicting customer purchasing behaviours, understanding their preferences, and creating systems that cater to these needs. This includes services like click-and-collect (allowing customers to order online and pick up in-store), smart substitution, immediate booking for specialised assistance, in-store customer relationship management, loyalty programs, and streamlining the checkout process to minimise waiting times.

Interactive Media Track

The Interactive Media track encourages hackers to explore the potential of interactive technology, inviting them to unleash their creativity. Whether it's crafting a distinctive storytelling journey, developing a gamified educational platform, building immersive virtual environments, or creating interactive art installations, hackers are urged to push limits and devise projects that captivate users in fresh and innovative ways. This track aims to leverage hackers' diverse skills across disciplines, potentially integrating elements like music, graphics, and more to craft engaging projects.