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30-31st January, 2021

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About DotSlash

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The Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat (NIT Surat), perceives to be a globally accepted centre of excellence in technical education catalysing the transfer of high technologies resulting in enhanced quality. Ashine research park, SVNIT brings to you DotSlash-an inception towards letting our innovations begin.

DotSlash​ is a 30 hours long hackathon which is completely managed by students of SVNIT, Surat. It is a platform for developers around the world to use their innovative skills to produce something new and useful for the society.







The   Hackathon


Explore the realms of Web and Mobile based applications while developing your ideas under this track. You are free to use any framework and any code fragment, until and unless it is open sourced.

The limits are endless and the possiblities are infinite.
The track will contain problem statements.


Want to develop your ideas to interact with the physical world? Under this track you can use any microcontroller or microprocessor with any interfacing peripheral to achieve your goal.
If you have some special hardware requirements, we request you to bring those alongwith.
The track will contain problem statements.

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Frequently Asked  Questions

play_arrowWho can participate?

All students irrespective of any course are eligible to apply. If you are under 18 years of age, we'll need a parental consent form.

play_arrowWhat is the Registration fee for hackathon?

Glad you asked. Its completely Free!!!

play_arrowHow does the application process work?

We’re looking for people who "do"! Folks who are passionate enough to work on crazy world-changing ideas. We’ll get to know more about your abilities from the past projects, GitHub profile, participation/awards in other hackathons.

play_arrowCan we apply as a team?

Yes! This hackathon is a team competition. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills. If you don't have a team, you can participate individually. We'll have team formation at the time of hackathon.

play_arrowWhat do I get by attending DotSlash?

Pretty much everything from socializing with fellow hacker communities. And yeah we’ll have prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, as well as the best hardware hack. Most of all, you will gain an unparalleled learning experience and memories for a lifetime!

You will also get a cool geeky T-Shirt, Certificate of Participation and a bag full of schwags.

play_arrowWhat do I need to bring after registration?

A valid college issued photo ID, hardcopy of acceptance mail, laptop, phone, chargers, any sleeping equipment you might want (we'll be providing mattresses)!

play_arrowWhat facilities will be provided in hackathon?

We will take care of Meals, Drinks, Snacks , Accomodation, and all the refreshments that you will need. You will also be given a Geeky T-Shirt!

We will also provide a Certificate of Participation to every participant.

play_arrowWhat shouldn’t I bring?

Don't bring anything which can get you in trouble like weapons of any kind, drugs, or alcohol. If you’re not sure whether something will be okay, please ask ahead of time!

play_arrowWhat will be the theme for DotSlash?

Not to worry, you will be provided with variety of theme options, once you get selected.

play_arrowWhat is the registration procedure?

You have to apply online. Once you are selected we will inform you about the remaining procedure.

play_arrowWhat if I've never been to a hackathon before?

Then we're so glad DotSlash will be your first ever! It’s helpful to have some programming or technical experience, but it’s not a requirement. We’ll have talks, mentors and workshops to help you with your project.

play_arrowWhat about hardware?

If you have specific hardware in mind, bring it with you. We will be doing our best to lend hardware at the event and enable you to work on your dream hack. We’ll put out a list closer to the event so you can see what’s available.

play_arrowWhat will be the mode of conduct of hackathon?

Due to the current pandemic situation, mode of conduct will be online this year

Registrations started

Our focus is on letting your imagination flow free and enable you to push the boundaries of what can be done. We're open for all! We'll take care of the food and stay - virtually leaving you no excuse to not build something that'll blow our minds.

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New ClassRoom Complex, SVNIT Campus, Surat